Petrol, Diesel Price Rise: Fuel Prices In Delhi Continue To Soar, Highest In Last 11 Months


Fuel prices in Delhi continue to soar on Tuesday. The petrol rates surged to Rs 74.61 a litre in the national capital, the highest since November 25 last year, while Diesel was selling at Rs 67.47 a litre.

The surge in fuel prices continues in the country even as international crude oil prices stabilised on Monday, with brent crude down by $60 per barrel nearly after a month.

The new rates from the oil companies see the rise in petrol prices by — 19 paisa in Delhi, 13 paisa in Mumbai and Kolkata and 14 paisa in Chennai. Diesel prices have increased by — 16 paisa in Delhi, 10 paisa in Kolkata, 12 paisa in Mumbai and 11 paisa in Chennai.


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